Swarmed with school work

Got acrylic nails to try and combat my chronic nail biting

Currently watching Roommates Season 2 and Doctor Who

Currently reading The Firt Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Current favorite song is 가을냄새 by Verbal Jint ft. Eddy Kim


Tamura Shrine by lilasyuri on Flickr.

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*i made a little banner so the text won’t show up on your blog c: *
hi lovelies! i’ve been on tumblr for ages but i’ve never had a botm or bot(anything) before and i wanted to change that so yeah
must be following me (astraera)
check out my studio ghibli awards and my sister’s blog
be any kind of vintage
reblog this post (likes won’t count)
must reach like 30+ notes
a link on my blog for the month of october
a permanent link on the blog of the month page i’ll make
promos every now and then throughout the months
help with polls or help to reach goals
a double promo (if you want)
a fansign
and love and cookies and a new friend 
you have until september 30th to reblog
i’ll choose my botm on october 1st
if i can’t choose a favourite i’ll make a poll 
also for higher chances you can submit me why you want to be my botm here (and i don’t know like tell me about you, about the things you like, your fav books or movies, your hobbies, your dreams, anything you want)
ok so i guess that’s it. happy reblogging! hope you’re all having an amazing day! <3 x

you know you can submit me why you want to be my botm and/or tell me about yourself and the things you like for higher chances

only one more day to reblog!

(by gdburns)

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